The first production Comet for B.O.A.C was expected to be delivered to London Airport this week. It is, in fact, No. 5 Comet and No. 3 of B.O.A.C.'s allocation. Fully furnished and ready for operation, it will undergo brief acceptance trials and then await the paper work necessary for the issue of its C. of A.

During a recent inspection of the Comet production line Flight was agreeably surprised to see what good progress is being made. No. 18 fuselage is already in an advanced state. Not far away, incidentally, Nos. 3 and 4 Herons were also coming along well.

After completion of the first twelve aircraft, Series 1A Comets will start to come off the line. These will have additional tankage up to a total of 7,000 gal. Ghosts equipped for water injection will also be coming through in a few months' time. There are, at present, firm orders for 38 Comets and options are held for a number more.

Source: Flight International