Keeping passengers safe while boarding and exiting the aircraft is a major priority for the airline industry. Aaxico's (Hall 2B H13/1) Passenger Inline Guidance (PIG) System is expected to make this procedure much easier.

PIG is a fast, light and strong way to keep passengers on the right route and away from potential dangers such as aircraft engines and ground support vehicles. It is the first portable, retractable barrier system that can be expanded to over 32 metres in length. Dual line luminous webbing brings extra safety as the cassette offers constant force so the highly reflective and waterproof webbing remains taut at all times.

PIG is easily manoeuvrable and can be placed into position by a single person, saving valuable time and staff resources. It is easily customised as the webbing can even be printed with company logos or any design of choice.

Source: Flight Daily News