Boeing has received US Federal Aviation Administration certification for the 767-400ER after 1,150h of flight tests and 1,200h of ground tests.

Clearance includes type design approval for 180min ETOPS (extended-range twin-engined operations) at entry-into-service, as well as common type rating with the 767-200/300 and 757-200/300 families. Final FAA flightcrew qualification endorsement is expected in August, says Boeing.

European Joint Aviation Authorities certification, expected simultaneously, has been delayed because of low staffing levels, but is expected within days, it says.

The FAA certification provides an amended type certificate for the 767, as well as a production certificate authorising the company to build the 767-400ER under the Boeing production certificate.

The 767-400ER has a lengthened fuselage, aerodynamic improvements, increased take-off weight capability and an all-new main landing gear, as well as a new interior. Launched in April 1997, the 767-400ER is to enter revenue service next month with Delta Air Lines, followed closely by Continental Airlines.

• Turkmenistan Airlines has ordered three Boeing 717-200s, all to be delivered by 2001. The order brings the number of Boeing aircraft in the Ashgabat-based airline's fleet to seven, including four 757-200s and three 737-300s. A further three 757s are on order.

Source: Flight International