Boeing has passed the 500 order mark for its 787 after Japan Airlines’ firmed up five options for the aircraft. 

Total 787 orders now stand at 514 firm with 43 airlines, an increase of 15 aircraft and four airlines since last week’s sales report and a significant 50 aircraft and nine airlines increase on the last official monthly sales report covering the entire sales record to the end of February.

JAL 787
Japan Airlines has ordered 35 Boeing 787s ©Boeing

Details of the latest orders are being withheld by Boeing. “Today we are celebrating some great news with one of our great customers,” says commercial airplanes president and CEO Scott Carson. “This is an unprecedented achievement for Boeing and yet another wonderful milestone for the programme.”

Boeing claims the 787 has been the fastest selling commercial aircraft in history since its April 2005 launch. “Surpassing the 500 order mark this early in the program, more than a year before the first airplane is delivered, shows that Boeing made the right choice in our point-to-point business strategy, and that the team made the right choices in designing the airplane,” says 787 vice-president and general manager Mike Bair.

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