Boeing has revised the strut limitation of the 777-200ER, allowing powerplant manufacturers to offer a higher level of available engine thrust, giving improved payload performance from hot/ high and restricted runways.

US industrial sources say Boeing has raised the engine strut rating from its earlier maximum of 400kN (90,000lb) thrust to a ceiling of about 423kN. The re-rated strut will allow Boeing to offer airlines higher thrust engines for its latest version of the 777-200ER.

Engine makers Rolls-Royce and Pratt & Whitney stand to gain from the revised strut specification, which means both companies can offer powerplants on the 777 producing over 400kN. P&W is developing the 436kN PW4098 for the stretched -300. A rerated version could be offered on the -200ER.

R-R is believed to be offering a 416kN version of its 400kN Trent 892. The virtually identical Trent 895 requires a simple change to the engine data plug.

Source: Flight International