Boeing and Airbus Industrie are on course to achieve record output this year, with a combined total of 450 jets having been delivered during the first six months.

Boeing is heading for its all-time record of 620 deliveries, having shipped 313 aircraft since January. The highest output has come from its Renton plant, with 200 aircraft being delivered, including 164 737s and 36 757s.

Widebody production at Everett totalled 96 units, including 26 747s, 25 767s and 45 777s.

Production of the former McDonnell Douglas products continues its decline as Boeing prepares to end their assembly by 2000. In the first six months, production totalled 14 MD-80/90s and three MD-11s.

Airbus Industrie aims to deliver just under 300 aircraft this year, a record. So far, 138 aircraft have been handed over, with the A320 family the most prolific series, at 104 units. Production of the A330/A340 totalled 32 units, while two A300-600s were delivered.

Airbus has 234 orders so far this year, from 17 clients, and while Boeing has not published its sales data, provisional figures suggest around 180 orders were taken.

Source: Flight International