Boeing and Elbit Systems have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to co-operate on upgrading Polish air force PZL-Swidnik Sokol helicopters.

Last year, the two Western companies argued over the controversial decision by the Polish Government to award the Israeli company prime contractorship on a deal to upgrade the avionics and supply weapons for an attack version of the Sokol.

Late last year, the Polish Government backed out of an agreement signed in October 1997 during the last few days of the outgoing government's term of office, following a general election defeat.

The Israeli deal was to provide systems and weapons for 100 Huzars. Elbit led the consortium and was to have supplied the avionics suite, while Rafael was supplying its NT-D anti-tank missile, with El-Op providing the night vision system.

The Polish Government recently decided to split the requirement, issuing a request for information for 50 dedicated attack helicopters and the upgrade of a similar number of PZL-Swidnik Sokol helicopters for the support role (Flight International, 19-25 May).

Source: Flight International