Boeing and Northrop Grumman have taken further advantage of US military base closures to establish a joint F/A-18 Hornet modification and overhaul operation at the US Navy's soon to be vacated Cecil Field naval air station in Florida.

The two companies are among a number of tenants to have signed an annual lease that can be extended for up to 20 years to take over hanger facilities at the base to support F/A-18 work. The site will cease to be an operational naval air base from the end of September.

An initial US Navy contract has already been awarded to fit miniature global positioning systems to 24 F/A-18C/Ds and a second contract is in hand to perform similar work on US Navy Reserve aircraft. Northrop Grumman has already transferred F-14 support work from nearby St Augustine to the new base.

In addition to structural and avionic modifications and inspections, Cecil Field will also provide maintenance and overhaul.

Boeing and Lockheed Martin have already taken over overhaul facilities at the former Kelly AFB in Texas.

Source: Flight International