Boeing has announced it has achieved power-on of the hydraulic systems for the first 787, taking one small step closer to the scheduled first flight event in the fourth quarter.

Boeing CEO Jim McNerney disclosed the hydraulic systems milestone, which arrives nearly a month after electrical systems power-on, today during a conference call with analysts.

The activation event last week enabled the first movement of the aircraft's hydraulically-powered control surfaces.

These include the ailerons, rudder, flaperons and some spoilers. The aircraft's elevators are not yet installed and some spoilers run on electric rather than hydraulic power.

The flaps and slats are controlled through a mechanical drive system.

Following the successful hydraulic power-on, the aircraft will continue to undergo functional systems testing. The 787 will be raised up off its landing gear to test the retraction and stowage of the landing gear.

Suppliers Parker Hannifin and Hamilton Sundstrand are responsible for the 787's hydraulic subsystems.

First flight of the Boeing 787 is scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2008.

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Source: Flight International