BOEING HAS DELIVERED the first flight-worthy power supplies for the Lockheed Martin/Boeing F-22 common integrated processors (CIPs), which form the heart of the fighter's avionics, sensors and display system.

The power supply modules, convert aircraft-standard electrical power to a wattage of up to 400W, which is used to power the Hughes-made CIPs.

The modules, measuring 163 x 150 x 15mm and weighing 0.8kg, are cooled by a liquid polymer, which allows power output to be increased by 150W over the standard level.

A total of ten modules will be operated in parallel to generate an output of 4kW. Each F-22 will be flown with two CIPs, although space is available for a third, for future expansion.

Two CIPs will be installed in the Boeing 757 avionics test-bed for flight tests beginning in 1998.

The first flight of the CIPs on an F-22 has been scheduled for 28 April 1999.

Source: Flight International