Boeing delivered the last C-17 Globemaster III strategic airlifter destined for the US Air Force on 12 September at its plant in Long Beach, California.

 C-17 223 - USAF

US Air Force

The aircraft is the last of 223 examples ordered for the service, but production continues for foreign orders of the aircraft.

“We are continuing the legacy by building C-17s for our partner nations, and we will continue to work with the US Air Force to ensure their aircraft deliver top performance into the future,” says Nan Bouchard, Boeing’s C-17 programme manager.

There are 34 additional C-17s being operated by Australia, Canada, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, the UK, NATO’s 12-member Strategic Airlift Capability and India. Production of C-17s continues for India.

Boeing has said previously that it expects further foreign orders for the aircraft.