Boeing is continuing to investigate other models in the 767 family as well as the 767-400ER.The first to come off the drawing board and into the air will be the 767-400ERX, which will be delivered to Kenyan Airways in 2003. This aircraft will be the same size as the -400ER but will have the range of the 767-300ER.This means a range of 11,390km some 950 km more than the 767-400ER. It will also have improved takeoff field length, needing less than 3,000m of runway.Boeing¹s marketeers have worked out that the new derivative will offer superior economics.


When compared to the Airbus 330-200, the 767-400ERX would carry the same number of passengers, but is estimated to provide 3% lower seat-mile costs, 3% lower trip costs and 8.4% lower fuel requirements," says Regional Director, product marketing, Chris Kettering. Boeing is also looking at creating a high-density model of the 767-400ER for the package holiday operators. This would incorporate a larger "Type A" No. 3 passenger door instead of the smaller Type 1 doors on the aircraft being shown here at Farnborough. This would enable operators to increase the seat capacity to 410 passengers. For those with distance in mind Boeing is conducting a study to look at a potential long-range derivative of the 767-300ER. This would have a range of 12,300 km and pairs London to Singapore or New York to Tokyo.

Source: Flight Daily News