Boeing is reinforcing its view that smaller aircraft such as its 737, 7E7 and 777 families, and not aircraft the size of the ultra-large 550-seat Airbus A380, are what airlines of the future want.

In its new Current Market Outlook, being presented today at the show, Boeing is "fundamentally revising downwards" the expected demand for aircraft of 747 size and above, says Randy Baseler, vice-president of marketing Boeing Commercial Airplanes.

It is particularly the growth of low-cost carriers in the Asia-Pacific that is driving this trend, says Baseler.

"The market is developing differently in Asia compared with the US and Europe where liberalisation created competition and low-cost carriers came in," he explains.

The opposite is occurring in Asia, with the new entrants pushing market liberalisation and competition creating the demand for more point-to-point services and greater frequencies.


By value, Boeing estimates that 11% of the $2 trillion market for jetliners expected to be sold over 20 years will be of 747 size and above.

Some 43% of the market will be for intermediate twin-aisle types, 40% for single-aisle airliners and 5% for regional jets.

Source: Flight Daily News