Tony Stephenson

Over the next 20 years more than $1.38 trillion will be invested in new commercial aircraft, according to Boeing's Current Market Outlook report, launched at Le Bourget yesterday.

Of that, more than $570 billion will be spent on intermediate twin-aisle aircraft such as the 767 and 777.

That means 20,150 new aircraft will be delivered in the next 20 years, three-quarters of which will be regional and single-aisle aircraft.

The report also predicts that fewer than 1,000 of the new aircraft will be in the 747 and larger market and that fewer than 40% of those - less than 400 - will fall in the 500-seat plus market.

Randy Baseler, Boeing's Commercial Airplanes Group vice-president, marketing, says: "As the world continues to open its skies, the key trend we see is for airlines to offer more non-stop flights between more cities, both within individual regions and in inter-continental markets."

The report forecasts that most growth will be come from new routes in the Pacific and Europe-to-Asia markets which will be created through market liberalisation.

These routes will be best served by intermediate-size twin-aisle aircraft Boeing believes.

Source: Flight Daily News