Boeing needs to fill around 11,000 positions by the end of 2004 and is holding several recruitment events to interview as many as candidates as possible.

The company aims to fill mostly US-based positions in engineering, science and technology areas, but there are business and finance openings. Boeing needs permanent and contract staff to work on projects including the 7E7 and its 737 maritime patrol aircraft in the defence sector.

Around 3,000 of the jobs are at Boeing's Puget Sound facilities, near Seattle.

It has held several "interview fairs" since September last year - including two in August in Seattle and St Louis - and more are likely to be announced.

The employees at a premium for Boeing and other companies with extensive government and military contracts are those who already possess US security clearance to work on sensitive projects.

With security clearance now taking up to two years to obtain, employees able to bypass the lengthy process are in high demand.

Boeing says: "We have been working with other companies in the industry to introduce a clearance process that is more efficient and streamlined. Those people who already have clearance are in a very good position."

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Source: Flight International