Boeing must increase the combined output of the 747-8 and 787-8 by nearly four aircraft per month to meet the low-end of the company's yearly delivery guidance for 2012.

Third quarter deliveries of both types totaled 20 aircraft, including eight 747s and 12 787s, the company says today. That means Boeing must deliver at least 31 combined 747-8s and 787s during the next three months to reach the 75 aircraft delivery total.

However, the actual combined third quarter deliveries declined by one because Qatar Airways has refused to take delivery of one 787 because of complaints regarding various system glitches.

Despite the output challenge for the 747-8 and 787, Boeing's overall deliveries in the third quarter continue to reach the company's highest level of output in more than a decade.

Overall deliveries of commercial aircraft in the quarter ending on 30 September amounted to 149 aircraft, including 102 737s, 20 777s and seven 767s. Year-to-date, Boeing's deliveries of commercial totals 436 aircraft with three months of production to go.

Source: Air Transport Intelligence news