Boeing has made a move towards servicing aircraft built by rival manufacturers, partnering with SR Technics for the maintenance of Airbus fleets.

The US airframer is bidding jointly with the Swiss MRO provider for a tender from IAG to provide component maintenance for Airbus A320s and A330s, two sources familiar with the matter have told FlightGlobal.

Boeing did not deny the bid in its response to FlightGlobal's request for comment. SR Technics declined to comment.

The manufacturer says that its aftermarket division Boeing Global Services is "always seeking to add value and increase efficiency for our customers – going where the market is and where our customers are asking for more choices".

Noting that partnerships will be established "when needed", the airframer says its aim is to provide a "robust pipeline of products and services regardless of platform or manufacturer".

Boeing and Airbus have repeatedly said that they intend to support mixed-fleet operators as part of the airframers' efforts to grow their shares of the aftermarket segment.

The technical divisions of British Airways and Iberia have component repair shops with capabilities spanning A320-family equipment, and Iberia Maintenance additionally services A330 parts.

But the Boeing/SR Technics tender for A320/A330 component MRO is an opportunity for the airframer to expand its support activity across IAG, one source points out.

In 2015, BA signed a 12-year 787 component maintenance agreement with Boeing, under the manufacturer's GoldCare programme.

That initiative – originally established in 2006 to support 787 operators – has since become part of Boeing Global Services, which was launched in 2017.

SR Technics provides component repair and pooling services for A320-family jets, A330s, A340s, 737s, 757s, 767s, 787s and Embraer E-Jets.

The Zurich-based MRO provider was among Boeing's initial GoldCare partners, but exited the programme in 2010.

Boeing said at the time that the departure was linked to a decision by the airframer to exclude line maintenance services from the partnership.