Boeing will further re-sequence deliveries of 787 structural components to final assembly starting in September, following customer flexibility that enables the airframer's global supply chain to play catch up.

The airframer outlined the re-sequencing as it supplied additional details regarding workmanship issues on the aircraft's horizontal stabiliser, though the two issues are unrelated.

Scott Fancher, 787 programme vice president and general manager, says the move will take advantage of "customer driven opportunities" and "further strengthen production system health", adding that the change is similar to that undertaken by the company in April, prompting a 24-manufacturing day hold on deliveries that ended 6 June.

Programmes sources say that the changes to the production schedule will begin following the arrival of Airplane 27, and will address key part shortages, such as aircraft doors.

Fancher says that the customers who have opted to move their delivery dates will be accommodated, enabling the re-sequencing. However, he adds that Boeing isn't necessarily able to substitute other customers for those aircraft due to differences in aircraft configuration and engine selection.

With the upcoming change, Boeing says that September's re-sequencing will not impact 2010 or 2011 deliveries, including the first to Japan's All Nippon Airways by year-end.

Source: Air Transport Intelligence news