Boeing has completed the power-on milestone for the 747-8 International, another step in the final assembly process for the passenger aircraft.

Powering-on the 747-8I's 105kVa-rated electrical system allows testing to begin on the flight deck and maintenance systems onboard the aircraft.

Non-electrical power systems are also activated by the power-on sequence, including the 3,000psi hydraulics that moved the 747-8I's control surfaces, landing gear and brakes.

Despite a recent delay for the 747-8 Freighter, Boeing confirms the -8I variant is on track to complete final assembly in the first quarter 2011 and be delivered late next year to an unidentified, VIP customer.

The first 747-8I entered final body join, the last major structural step of the final assembly process, in mid-October.

Both 747-8 variants have accumulated 109 orders, with 33 sales of the passenger variant and 76 sales of the freighter variant.

Source: Air Transport Intelligence news