An earlier version of this article erroneously suggested that the flights would be operated by TUI.

Boeing is to test potential future environmental technologies on a legacy 757 in co-operation with tour operator TUI Travel.

The manufacturer has selected the UK-based leisure carrier group as partner for the next part of its "ecoDemonstrator" programme.

The scheme started with the temporary installation of a number experimental modifications on an American Airlines 737-800 in 2012.

That equipment included a variable-area fan nozzle on the aircraft’s CFM International CFM56 engines, a fuel cell for more efficient onboard energy management and an adaptive trailing edge outboard of the ailerons.

Now, Boeing wants to install "a selection of innovative technologies" on a 757 next year to conduct validation flights in 2015, the manufacturer says. The aircraft is to visit a number of European cities.

At the end of the programme, Boeing and TUI want to test a recycling method for better reuse of the aircraft’s material, says the manufacturer.

For the current year, Boeing planned to test technologies, such as aircraft hatches made from recycled composite materials, on a 787 as part of the ecoDemonstrator programme.

Separately, TUI is to retofit its current-generation 737 fleet with new split-scimitar winglets in 2014.

Source: Cirium Dashboard