Boeing added 57 more aircraft to its 2006 order book in the week to 3 October, including 16 new 747s and four 767s.

The new orders, which also include 36 737s and one 787, bring the total aircraft booked this year to 723, a pace that could see Boeing beat the record setting 2005, when the manufacturer recorded 1,002 net orders for the year.

Boeing’s continued sales boom coincides with a disastrous delay in Airbus’ A380 programme, which could in turn delay or even cancel the European manufacturer’s planned A350.

Today’s order book includes some previously announced deals, including Ryanair’s decision to firm 32 737 options. Boeing’s 737 agreements with EgyptAir and Travel Services also revealed this week where previously booked as unidentified orders.

Boeing Business Jet (BBJ) in the past week added four 737s to its fleet order, as well as three 747 aircraft - it’s first 747 order of the year - and the week’s single 787 addition.

The buyers of the remaining aircraft added this week to Boeing’s 2006 order book - 13 747s and the four 767s - are unidentified.

In the year to October 3, Boeing has now recorded 539 net orders for its 737, 111 for the 787, 41 for its 747 widebody, 24 for its 777, and eight for the 767.