Boeing has agreed with the Dutch civil aviation authority LVNL to undertake a study into the effect on the environment of future capacity growth around Amsterdam. The LVNL requested the help of the US manufacturer after viewing results from a similar study at Luxembourg airport.

At Luxembourg, Cargolux 747-400Fs were able to reduce night-time engine noise by adjusting their approach and take-off procedures. Boeing is currently working with Dutch pilots unions, Schiphol airport, Eurocontrol's Maastricht upper airspace air traffic control centre as well as the LVNL in a "whole stakeholder" approach to the problem of noise at Schiphol.

The Luxembourg project concluded late last year that by changing to steeper approach and take-off procedures, noise would be reduced by 6dB on approach and 3dB for take-off.

Boeing, which has previously adjusted its flight manuals to permit continuous descent approaches at night to Schiphol and London Heathrow has seen "significant interest all over Europe" in the results from Luxembourg.

This requirement at KLM's home base could also influence future fleet choices, says Herbert Lust, Boeing's European environmental policy director, and the manufacturer has shared data from the Rolls-Royce joint venture Quiet Technology Demonstrator 777 which achieved 3dB noise reductions through the use of specially engineered nacelles.

Source: Flight International