Cargo and de-icing systems are only major deals pending

Boeing has awarded a further raft of contracts for the 7E7 on the heels of last week's milestone agreement with Alenia North America and Vought Aircraft Industries over the setting-up of a fuselage assembly site in South Carolina.

The latest awards covering supply of tyres, aircraft exterior lighting and cabin services represent the completion of more than 90% of the contracts, says Boeing. The only significant contract decisions still to be made are for the cargo handling and de-icing systems.

Japanese manufacturer Bridgestone will supply nose and main landing gear radial tyres featuring a new belt structure that Boeing says is "based on a high-elasticity, high-strength cord that is weight efficient and wear resistant". Boeing adds that "while all 7E7s will be delivered with Bridgestone tyres, Boeing expects to certificate a second supplier so airlines have a choice when replacing the tyres".

Other recent contracts placed also include the award of the cabin services systems to Matsushita Avionics, and Goodrich Hella Aeropace Lighting Systems for runway turn-off and taxi lights as well as wing illumination, cargo handling and logo lights. The light package represents the seventh work contract award to Goodrich on the 7E7 overall. Honeywell, which has now won four work packages, has been awarded acontract for navigation and anti-collision lights.


Source: Flight International