Boeing and McDonnell Douglas have begun discussions which could see Douglas Aircraft (DAC) undertaking subcontract work at Long Beach for its Seattle-based rival, and possibly designing and building a new version of the Boeing 767.

According to the local Long Beach newspaper, Press-Telegram, discussions began in early November, after MDC announced its decision to scrub the development of its planned MD-XX long-range trijet. Boeing has confirmed that they are discussing with MDC the "possibility of Douglas Aircraft supporting Boeing's commercial activities".

It is reported that discussions began after an approach was made to MDC's president Harry Stonecipher by Boeing executive vice-president Tom Schick, on MDC assisting Boeing with production. Stonecipher set up a meeting between high-level executives from both companies at Long Beach on 11-12 November.

Potential initial projects are subcontract aircraft painting, and the design and production of the empennage for the 747-500X/ 600X. It is also suggested that DAC could be tasked with the design, production and flight-testing of a new 767 model, presumably the yet-to-be-launched 767-400 stretch.

Source: Flight International