BOEING DEFENSE and Space Group is to begin construction in October of the first of four new radomes for the E-4B Advanced Airborne Command Post Aircraft under a $8 million US Air Force contract.

The new 8m long, wedge-shaped radome has been designed to contain an extra high frequency antenna to enable communications with ground stations and other aircraft through the Milstar secure satellite network. The triband radome will replace the current unit, which houses two main communications antennas on top of the fuselage aft of the hump.

Two triband radomes of the same design have already been developed under subcontract to Rockwell for the company's Block IV upgrade of the E-4B. Both were delivered to Rockwell's modification site in Shreveport, Louisiana for installation on the first two aircraft. Boeing subsequently won a separate contract for four more radomes. The contract also includes four radome modification kits and two fuselage modification kits which will be made by Boeing's Product Support Division in Wichita, Kansas.

The first radome and fuselage kits under the new contract will be delivered in early 1996.

Source: Flight International