Airbus trailed Boeing in aircraft deliveries during the first half of the year, handing over 295 aircraft compared with 306 by its US rival.

Boeing also took gross orders for 790 aircraft over the six-month period to 30 June, ahead of the 758 recorded by Airbus - even after the lift to the European airframer provided by the Paris air show.

Airbus's net order figure at the half-year point, however, stood at 722 while Boeing's was 692 as of 2 July.

Boeing's first-half orders have included 676 of its 737 family while Airbus booked agreements for 650 A320s.

Airbus took its backlog to a record level by passing 5,000 aircraft.

The Paris air show enabled the airframer to log another 241 firm orders, and the event accounted for all new orders disclosed by the manufacturer in June.

Airbus took orders for 100 A350s over the first half giving the twinjet family a total backlog of 678. Boeing recorded 82 orders for its 787 and 29 for its 777, as well as agreements for three 747s.

The overall Airbus backlog reached 5,109 jets which, it says, amounts to more than seven years' production.

Airbus's first-half deliveries included eight A380s plus 54 A330s and 233 A320-family aircraft.

Source: Air Transport Intelligence news