Boeing's 144% increase in deliveries during the fourth quarter of 2009 was largely the result of a disruption in production during late 2008 when the company's machinists engaged in a 57 day strike.

The airframer delivered 122 aircraft to customers during the last three months of 2009 compared with 50 for the year prior.

For the full year 2009 Boeing delivered 481 aircraft, 106 more than the 375 deliveries posted in 2008.

As a result of the strike, Boeing's rival Airbus pulled ahead in 2008 deliveries as customers accepted 483 aircraft. Airbus is expected to release its fourth quarter and full-year order and delivery results on 11 January.

Next generation 737s comprised the bulk of Boeing's fourth quarter and full year deliveries in 2009 at 92 and 372, respectively. Customers accepted delivery of 25 777s during the fourth quarter as deliveries for the year reached 88.

 Boeing 737




Boeing delivered two 747s during the fourth quarter of 2009 and a total of eight for the year. Customers took delivery of three 767s during the fourth quarter, and 13 during the entire year.

The airframer says it collected 263 gross and 142 net orders for 2009, a sharp decline from the year prior when customers placed orders for 662 aircraft.

"The global recession presided as an oppressive market reality in 2009, driving many carriers to re-evaluate their near- and medium-term fleet requirements," says Boeing.

As of 22 December 2009 Boeing had a cancellation tally of 118, with the majority of those cancellations stemming from 787 customers. Customers have cancelled orders for 83 of the company's latest twin-engine aircraft.

Source: Air Transport Intelligence news