Bombardier concluded at least four high-speed taxi trials of its new CSeries at Mirabel airport today, before calling it quits for the day due to high winds.

Test aircraft FTV-1 conducted at least four taxi runs on runway 24 between 09:00 and 10:34 local time before the CS100 returned to the hangar, confirms the Canadian airframer.

Pilots told local air traffic control that they were concluding testing for the day due to high winds, on

The crew includes chief pilot Chuck Ellis, first officer Andy Litavniks and flight test engineer Andreas Hartono.

Bombardier still says that first flight is "within weeks", adding: "We need to do things right, we will do things right."

Various observers and analysts anticipate a first flight early in the week of 9 September depending on the weather.

Bombardier received a flight test permit for the CSeries from Transport Canada on 30 August, allowing it to conduct the high-speed trials as well as first flight once all ground testing is complete.

Source: Air Transport Intelligence news