Shanghai Airlines has ordered three Bombardier Aerospace CRJ200 regional jets. The sale, valued at approximately $68 million, constitutes the third new airline customer for Bombardier in China in less than a year.

"We look forward to the addition of Bombardier's CRJ200 Series to our fleet," says Shanghai Airlines president Zhou Chi. "Our intention is to develop and build new markets with the CRJ that, at the present time, would not be viable with our larger jet equipment."

Bombardier's James E Dailly, vice-president sales, Asia/Pacific says: "We have focussed our efforts on the Chinese market recently and we are proud that airlines such as Shanghai Airlines have chosen our products as practical business tools in China's air transport industry."

At a press conference today Bombardier will be outlining its dominance of the regional jet and the turboprop markets in the Asia Pacific area. The company has sold 23 aircraft in the region over the past 13 months.

Source: Flight Daily News