BOMBARDIER IS awaiting regulatory approval of a data package enabling operators of the Canadair Challenger 604 business jet to meet reduced vertical-separation minima (RVSM) rules to be introduced on North Atlantic routes from March 1997.

The Canadian manufacturer is preparing service bulletins to enable Challenger operators to comply with RVSM rules. The 604, already meets the altimeter accuracy and redundancy requirements for RVSM, and compliance will incur no additional costs.

Service bulletins covering earlier-model Challengers - the original 600s and later 601-1As, -3As and -3Rs - will follow, and are expected to cost around $17,000. Implementing the service bulletin will involve inspection of skin waviness around the static ports, computational fluid-dynamics analysis of the aircraft and modification of the pilot-static probe.

The Challenger 600s and 601-1As will require dual digital air-data computer upgrades or replacements, using a supplemental type certificate available from Bombardier Aviation Services.

Corporate customers in Germany and Turkey have ordered two, Challenger 604s, taking the number of Canadair business jets sold in Europe to 41.

Source: Flight International