Bombardier remains silent on potential new orders for its CS100 and CS300 family as testing on the Pratt & Whitney PW1000 starts this summer.

Peppered with questions during a briefing here at the show regarding a significant order announcement, Bombardier Commercial Aircraft president Gary Scott argued it is not a "black eye" if Farnborough passes by without an order and the airframer does not set up its schedule to coincide with unveiling new customers at an air show.

Emphasising Bombardier is looking for quality orders from the right customer for the right price, Scott reiterated previous comments that the airframer is in advanced discussions with a handful of customers. He expects those talks to "translate into more orders in the not too distant future".

CSeries, ©Bombardier
 © Bombardier

As Bombardier remains hopeful for adding firm orders to its 90 aircraft backlog, company vice-president of the CSeries Rob Dewar said testing of the PW1000 variant designed to power the CSeries is scheduled to begin this summer. He declined to supply a specific timeframe to Flight Daily News, explaining P&W is having its own briefing here at the show.

Source: Flight Daily News