EMS Satcom (booth 232) today announced the selection of its AMT-3800 Inmarsat high-gain antenna as a factory option on the Bombardier Global Express XRS and Global 5000.
The electronically steered, fuselage-mounted AMT-3800 represents an alternative to the mechanically steered, tail-mounted AMT-50, which Ottawa-based EMS Satcom has supplied to Bombardier for the past decade.

With its compact, low-profile shape, AMT-3800 was designed to fit smaller aircraft, but it is also a good fit on the Global Express XRS and the Global 5000. The two types are the first business aircraft to feature Rockwell Collins’ Ethernet-based Airshow 21 cabin network, which supports in-flight entertainment, office-in-the-sky functions and air-ground connectivity for passengers. The EMS Satcom antenna will give users access to Inmarsat’s current Swift64 64Kbit/s-per-channel satellite datalink service and forthcoming 432Kbit/s SwiftBroadband.

”Checking email and accessing the internet in flight are becoming the norm for passengers,” says Bombardier Global vice-president Duncan Koerbel. “Having
a variety of antenna options from a single source like EMS Satcom means customers enjoy a wider choice and increased flexibility when selecting equipment to meet their in-flight communications needs.”


Source: Flight Daily News