Bombardier plans to deliver 15 Global Express long-range business jets in its current fiscal year, which ends in January 1999. Together with the first 45-48 Learjet 45s planned for delivery this financial year, these will boost the Canadian company's business jet sales by about C$1 billion over last year. Bombardier delivered a record 89 business jets in its 1997-8 fiscal year, and expects to deliver more than 150 in 1998-99.

Canadian certification of the Global Express is anticipated in June, with US and European approval "soon thereafter", the company says. The first customer aircraft have been delivered to Bombardier's Montreal completion centre and will enter service soon after certification.

Testing is in its final stages and the aircraft recently completed a flight of more than 12,000km (6,500nm). The first fully furnished Global Express, aircraft 9004, took off at the 42,600kg maximum weight, climbed to 43,000ft (13,100m) in 32min, and completed the flight in 14h 29min at its Mach 0.8 long-range cruise speed.

Much delayed first deliveries of the Learjet 45 light business jet are imminent, Bombardier says. The aircraft was certificated last September, but further testing of the anti-icing system was required.

Source: Flight International