Bombardier has terminated an agreement with an insolvent partner for developing and building the all-composite Learjet 85 midsize business jet.

Swiss manufacturer Grob had responsibility for designing primary and secondary structures for the new jet, as well as building the first three prototypes for certification testing.

But “uncertainty” about its partner’s financial condition drove Bombardier to bring all of the work outsourced to Grob back in-house.

Learjet 85

The “decisive action … reflects our strong commitment” to the Learjet 85 programme, says Steve Ridolfi, president of Bombarderi business aircraft.

It is not clear where the prototypes for certification tests will be produced. Bombardier is developing a new plan for the development and manufacturing phases for the Learjet 85, a company spokeswoman adds.

The original plan called for manufacturing to move to Bombardier’s new facilities in Queretaro, Mexico, after certification, but that could change.

“I don’t have the details of where the manufacturing is going to be done and if it’s going to change,” the spokeswoman said.

The eight-seat Learjet 85 in the final stages of a joint definition phase.