Bombardier plans to develop a short-range variant of the CSeries C130 that will use the higher-thrust version of Pratt & Whitney's GTF geared turbofan to offer improved take-off performance.

The new variant, called the CSeries C130XT, was revealed as part of Bombardier's release of new performance specifications and dimensions - including increased wingspan and reduced external lengths - for the family of aircraft, which also comprises the C110, C110ER, C130 and C130ER.

The airframer aims to decide this year whether to launch the proposed 110/130-seater programme to enable it to enter service in 2013.

 © Bombardier

The C130XT "allows customers who do not need the long-range capability of the CSeries C130ER to take advantage of shorter runways or improved hot and high airfield performance associated with the full 23,300lb thrust [103kN] GTF engine", says Bombardier.

The revelation comes as speculation increases that the aircraft will be launched at the Farnborough air show later this month.

The C130XT will feature the same maximum take-off weight of 59,560kg (131,300lb) and range of just over 4,000km (2,200nm) as the baseline C130 in the airframer's new CSeries brochure. MTOW and range for the C130 was previously listed as 58,650kg and 3,330km.

By comparison, the C130ER, while maintaining the previously published MTOW of 63,100kg, will offer a range of 5,460km - 460km more than the previous distance specified. The C130XT' take-off field length of 1,660m (5,450ft) gives it a 210m advantage over the baseline C130.

Changes have also been made to the smaller CSeries variants, with MTOW increasing on the standard C110 by 850kg to 54,750kg, and range being boosted to 4,070km for the C110 and 5,460km for the C110ER. This compares with the earlier published range of 3,330km and 5,000km, respectively.

Landing weights have increased slightly for all variants, but payload is unchanged. The dimensions have altered, with the overall length being reduced by around 0.3m and the span increasing by 0.9m.

"As the CSeries design continues to evolve, we are able to refine our performance and configuration specifications," says Bombardier.

"We're doing this in parallel with consultations with our customers, who themselves are providing inputs to the aircraft specification in order to have the CSeries better fit their operations."

Source: Flight International