Australian aircraft sales and aviation services company SM Aviation is selling off the assets of Boomerang manufacturer Dean-Wilson Aviation after the collapse of the Kingaroy, Queensland-based company.

Dean-Wilson Aviation designed the all-metal DW200 Whitney Boomerang trainer that was produced by its manufacturing arm Queensland Aviation Manufacturing. The two-seat trainer, which has night visual flight rules and instrument flight rules capability, was designed as an affordable and robust replacement for the Cessna 152 and Piper PA-38 Tomahawk.

Production of the Lycoming 0-235-powered Boomerang started at Kingaroy in 2006 and the aircraft made its first flight in July of that year. The trainer became only the fifth Australian-built aircraft to be granted FAR 23 certification, in December 2007.

Jandakot airport, Perth-based flying school Minovation Flying Training was launch customer for the type, which was also operated by Archerfield airport, Brisbane-based flying training school Flight One. Despite initial international interest from China, India and South Africa, including an early commitment for 10 aircraft from an Indian flying training school, sales of the aircraft failed to materialise.

Sydney-based SM Aviation is selling the assets of the company, including the type certificate, an aircraft, plant, equipment, parts and tooling, supplies and the Kingaroy hangar and production facility.

Source: Flight International