Luxury transport provider Avolus is widening its portfolio of services and plans to expand into the Middle East and the Asia Pacific over the coming two years to exploit the burgeoning demand for aircraft charter in the regions. London-based Avolus offers high-end charter services on business aircraft, helicopters and yachts.

Co-founder and managing director Alexis Grabar says business aircraft charters account for 85% of the company's business, and there is particular demand, he says, for widebody business jets - such as the Boeing Business Jet. Yacht and helicopter charter, meanwhile, account for around 10% and 5% of Avolus's business, respectively.

"Business aviation is booming and we expect to expand this arm of the business over the coming years," Grabar says. "We are a non-asset-based business, but we haven't ruled out aircraft ownership at a later stage."

Avolus says the demand for business aircraft is driving a number of high-use customers to explore aircraft ownership. "This has promoted us to move into aircraft brokerage. We will find an aircraft, assist with financing and aircraft registration and will source a third-party management provider. We will also help with the sale of an aircraft," he says.

Avolus has established bases in Russia and Spain in the last 12 months and the company plans to have an operation in Dubai by the end of the year and in Hong Kong and Singapore by the end of the decade.

Source: Flight International