The A350 XWB incorporates the two-hydraulic/two-electric (2H/2E) flight-control architecture that Airbus has developed from the A380. In the 2H/2E design, flight controls are powered by electro-hydraulic actuators using a local hydraulic reservoir.

The A380's variable frequency electrical generation system philosophy has been incorporate as it offers a "significant maintenance cost reduction".

Airbus has not followed the bleedless philosophy Boeing adopted for the 787, and has stuck with the traditional electro-pneumatic bleed system as this is "more efficient at the aircraft level", it says.

Like the previous A350, the XWB will have a facsimile of the A380's flightdeck, including such features as dual integrated standby instrument system, vertical displays on the navigation displays, the on-board information system and the "brake-to-vacate" autobrake function.

Source: Flight International