Analysis of the two flight recorders from the crashed Polish state Tupolev Tu-154 has revealed that both contain a complete record of the accident.

During a technical meeting on the investigation's progress, first deputy prime minister Sergei Ivanov stated that the technical condition of the two recorders was "quite satisfactory".

He says that both the cockpit-voice and flight-data recorder were "fully functional" and registered all information "until the aircraft struck the ground".

Ivanov adds that the inquiry can "reliably" confirm that "timely" warnings about the poor weather at Smolensk's northern airport, and recommendations to divert, were transmitted to the flight crew.

He adds: "All further work on the analysis and interpretation of information from both recorders will be done in close co-ordination with the Polish authorities."

None of the 96 occupants of the Tu-154, arriving from Warsaw, survived after it struck trees and disintegrated on approach to Smolensk on 10 April.

Source: Air Transport Intelligence news