Airports tend to be stressful places for many people - especially with growing con-gestion leading to delays.

Visit the Erlau stand (A292) and you can find out what one company is doing to make those waits a little more comfortable.

The German manufacturer is showing a new product, the Charisma, designed specifically for use in airports.

The Charisma's secret comfort factor comes from the use of polyamide-coated wire mesh.

This material also brings other advantages, says senior executive vice-president Jorg Ehrlinger: "These highly-refined metals mean that the products are extremely

hygienic, don't rust, don't collect dust and need virtually no maintenance." Many of the world's largest public places are fitted with Erlau seats - from the Munich

metro and the city's Olympic Stadium to the plaza outside the Bank of America in San Francisco.

Ehrlinger sees huge potential in the indoor seating market, with airports at the top of his hit list. He says: "Sitting down is an important aspect of travelling. The quality, value and comfort of our products is making them very attractive to airport owners. A major benefit of the design is that the furniture stays cool in summer

and warm in winter so we've overcome the traditional problem of metal furniture.

Source: Flight Daily News