Sitting on the Brahmos Aerospace stand in Hall C is a model showing the latest configuration of the missile that bears the company's name.

The Indo-Russian consortium plans to flight-test a Sukhoi Su-30MKI modified to carry three air-launched versions of the supersonic anti-ship missile. Compared with the ship-launched version, the missile has an extra set of four cruciform fins at the extreme rear of its body.

Dr Sivathanu Pillai, Brahmos's chief executive officer and managing director, says the extra fins are to provide extra stability when the missile is dropped from the aircraft's pylon.

Dr Pillai adds that the planned air-launched version, which lacks the booster required for launch from ships or ground sites, will be substantially lighter than the 3,000kg (6,600lb) surface variants - "around 500-800kg less".

There are also some changes to the missile's internal configuration, which he declines to discuss. The air-launched version will have completed its proving flights within two years, he adds.

Source: Flight Daily News