Thanks to Embraer, Brazil has become a major player in aerospace. In this special feature, we examine the challenges facing the country's champion as a new chief executive takes over from the iconic Mauricio Botelho. We also look at the growth of Brazil's SMEs, the outlook for defence spending, and the airlines sector after Varig's demise.

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Brazil hits a new high
Regional aircraft manufacturing has been at the core of Embraer's success
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Talent spread
When Embraer was privatised it shed some gifted staff who now form the nucleus of Brazil's SME sector

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Little big jet - the E-175
The last - but by no means least - member of Embraer's E-Jet family, the E-175 is carving out a niche in the regional jet market after a tough start
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At the crossroads - Military procurements 
A planned budget increase may kick-start many pending military procurement programmes

Survival of the fittest 
Varig's decline sparked a scramble by airlines to fill the flag carrier's routes and respond to the soaring demand for air travel in Brazil


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