The market for aircraft of 400 seats and more over the next 20 years is likely to be about 1,040 units, according to a new report - the market for large civil transports (400 seats plus), 1999-2018 - by civil aviation consultants Keenan Silva Ltd (UK).

"Depending on Boeing's reaction to the launch of the A3XX - from developing a larger version of the Boeing 777 to persevering with the 747 design - Airbus should expect to gain around 60% of the large aircraft sector with the A3XX," it says.

About 50% of the overall market for aircraft with more than 400 seats will be from East Asian airlines while Europe will take 26.9% and North America 16.5%.

But the report emphasises most airlines will not start major orders for large aircraft until after 2005.

Financial problems in the Far East, coupled with the cyclical nature of aircraft demand, suggest European majors such as Air France and Lufthansa will be the initial customers for the A3XX.

Source: Flight Daily News