The One-Eleven twinjet was flown for the first time in August 1963, and entered service in April 1965. There are still more than 100 One-Elevens in service, of which more than half are in operation in Europe. European Aviation, which owns the largest single fleet of the type, signed a memorandum of understanding in 1995 with Quiet Nacelle on the development of a Stage 3 hushkit for the aircraft.


The first four-engined BAe 146 was flown in September 1981, and the type entered service with UK carrier Dan-Air in May 1983. Production of the 146 ceased in 1991 after which 221 aircraft had been completed, of which 219 were delivered to customers. The 146 was superseded by a considerably updated, re-engined version, the Avro International Aerospace' Avro RJ range (see AI(R) entry).

British Aerospace Asset Management-Jets (AMJ) is developing a cockpit upgrade for early-build BAe146s, based around the introduction of an AlliedSignal satellite-based navigation system. The upgrade will allow operators of the BAe leasing unit's 146s, particularly in Europe and Australia, to cope with the progressive worldwide phase-out of the VLF Omega network of ground stations. The AMJ-funded design and development programme is aimed at certificating AlliedSignal's GNS-XLS navigation system on the 146, with initial deliveries planned for the first quarter of 1997.

Source: Flight International