The Bulgarian air force is poised to take delivery of its first of five Alenia Aeronautica C-27J tactical transports at Sofia international airport's military area, with the aircraft having arrived in the country on 5 November.

Formally accepted in Italy on 12 October, the aircraft has been in use at the manufacturer's Turin-Caselle training centre during the instruction of aircrews and technicians.

C-27J Bulgaria 
© Alenia Aeronautica

Bulgaria will receive one aircraft every year until mid-2011 under its February 2006 order, with the type to replace its Antonov An-26s. Its first aircraft will enter service next February after the completion of training activities, with a second to follow in July.

The Bulgarian aircraft will use the same defensive aids suite as the Italian air force's C-27Js. They have ballistic protection, an enhanced navigation, communication and identification suite and equipment to support medical evacuations.


Source: Flight International