California-based hushkit specialist Burbank Nacelle (BNC) has won a US Federal Aviation Administration supplemental type certificate (STC) for an acoustic thrust-reverser for McDonnell Douglas (MDC) DC-9s fitted with ABS Partnership Stage 3 hushkits.

The key element of the new reverser is an acoustic liner made by Astech Manufacturing in nearby Orange County. The stainless-steel liner has a honeycomb structure, using a resistance-welding technique developed for other exhaust nozzles, including that of the Lockheed Martin F-117A.

BNC says that the liner is corrosion-resistant, "virtually maintenance free", and over 9kg lighter than the original unit. The thrust reverser and acoustic-inlet cowling were cleared under a 1995 STC.

BNC expects to receive STCs for Stage 3 hushkits later this year for the Boeing 707-300 and the MDC DC-8-50/61.o

It holds the STC for the Stage 3 DC-8-62/63 hushkit and previously developed and certificated acoustic-inlet cowlings for the FeEx Stage 3 Boeing 727 hushkit.

Source: Flight International