The repercussions of the terrorist attack have reverberated throughout the business aviation community. The first response was to cancel the industry's largest gathering, the National Business Aviation Association convention in New Orleans, due to begin on 18 September.

The consequences on the economy are uncertain. In previous downturns, companies looked closely at their transportation methods, disposing of business aircraft.

A similar cull may now be imposed, although fractional ownership programmes will help offset any cuts, but the nature and scale of the terrorist attacks are likely to force businesses to re-evaluate their travel methods. This time they will have to weigh up the cost of aircraft ownership against security and employee safety. One manufacturer says: "There will obviously be a backlash and some orders may be cancelled. We believe there is a very strong case for using business aircraft now."

Business aircraft have access to around 5,000 US airports, bypassing the major hubs, which are predicted to become overcrowded as security measures delay travellers.

Source: Flight International