Dassault Aviation has delivered the 2,500th Falcon business jet, 52 years after the first member of the high-end twin- and tri-engined aircraft family was introduced.

The milestone model, a 900LX trijet, was handed over at Dassault’s US completion centre in Little Rock, Arkansas in late June to a long-time Falcon customer.



“With a generation of continuous improvements, Falcons have remained the industry standard from the first Falcon 20 [introduced in 1965], up to today’s new 8X ultra-long range trijet,” says Dassault. The in-production line-up also includes the super midsize 2000LXS and long-range 7X. Service entry of the clean-sheet, ultra-wide 5X is scheduled for 2020, which will bring the Falcon portfolio to five models.

Company chairman and chief executive Eric Trappier says of the 2,500 Falcons delivered to date, more than 2,100 are flying. The fleet has amassed nearly 18 million flying hours with some 1,230 operators in 90 countries, he adds.

Source: Flight International