Bombardier will claim the title of building the longest-range, purpose-built business jet when the Global 7000 programme enters service later this year.

New flight test data confirms that the 48,200kg (106,300lb) jet can travel 7,700nm while cruising at Mach 0.85 with eight passengers, Bombardier says.

The data shows that the Global 7000 beats Bombardier’s original estimate of 7,400nm range under the same conditions.

More importantly, the updated specification sheet means the Global 7000 now flies farther than its nearest competitor.

Gulfstream advertises the Gulfstream G650ER with a maximum range of 7,500nm with eight passengers and a M0.85 cruise speed.

For the Global 7000, the improvement puts new cities in range. The original specification allowed the Global 7000 to fly from New York City to Shanghai without refueling, factoring in head-winds and standard NBAA fuel reserves.

The updated range means the jet can reach Hong Kong from New York City, Bombardier says. Passengers also can fly non-stop from Singapore to San Francisco.

The range also means Bombardier must review the performance of the Global 8000.

Bombardier introduced the proposed concept for the Global 8000 with a top range of 7,900nm, or only 200nm farther than its slightly smaller sister aircraft.

The future of the Global 8000 has already been uncertain since Bombardier restructured the Global 7000/8000 schedule in 2015.

The entry into service for the Global 7000 was delayed two years to 2018 during the restructuring. But Bombardier withheld setting a new schedule for delivering the first Global 8000, saying the company would revisit the programme after completing development of the Global 7000.

Bombardier’s flight test campaign has surpassed 1,800h on the Global 7000, moving the aircraft closer to certification and first delivery.