Gulfstream’s G600 began field performance testing on 14 August, as the super-large-cabin, long-range business jet closes in on certification.

This phase of the flight-test campaign will largely be undertaken by the first test aircraft – serial number 73001 – Gulfstream says, with the data gathered from these evaluations “used to develop take-off and landing speed schedules and distances for the G600 flight manual”.



The G600 was launched in 2014 along with the smaller and shorter range G500, which secured type certification on 20 July and is now poised for service entry.

The five-strong G600 flight-test fleet has logged around 2,300h across 600 flights, and recently wrapped up ice-shape and stall-speed testing, says Gulfstream.

The aircraft “remains on track” for validation and service entry in late 2018 and early 2019 respectively, it adds.

“With the exceptional performance we’re seeing from the five flight-test aircraft, I am highly confident our clients will be impressed with the aircraft we deliver,” says Gulfstream president Mark Burns.

He says the recent type certification for the G500 “is added motivation and inspiration for us to bring the G600 across the finish line and into the hands of our customers”.

Source: Flight International